A Vale, a Mead, a Clearing

Axes, plows and greed are engaged in the clearing.
For now, all our lives are waged in the clearing.

As the stags compete, so the dams observe
Heads lowered to strike, enraged in the clearing.

Royal born, forest bred, once free to roam
The lion paces to and fro, caged in the clearing.

Bring us Puck and Lear; Harry, Shane and Luke
All the world's stories are staged in the clearing.

Dreams of love lost, of children grown and gone
prod my heart. I sit alone, aged in the clearing.

Separate and remote, longing to return
Perchance Thy word leaves us assuaged in the clearing.

(c) Larry Kenneth Gates, 2009

(Published in The Ghazal Page, May 2009)

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