An answering gait

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The scholar had found the Promised Qa’im
His heart was pure, his question unasked.
Though beyond the powers of renowned Kazim
Ali, with charm and vigor, performed the task.

Enraptured he sits as the verses are cast
As a mighty sower scatters a field with seed.
Can Husayn see the winter finally past?
Imagine a harvest satisfying every need?

First to the Gate, he is ready to lead
To his heart’s desire, a disheveled youth,
Agitated, impatient, unwilling to heed
A call to rest, here, before the Sun of Truth.

How can you bid my heart to wait?
‘I can recognize Him by His gait.’

Baha, 160 B.E.
Larry Gates

(Written after rereading, from Ernie & Rose Lopez’ copy, the first chapter of Asking Questions, by Bahiyyih Nakhjavani)

(c) Larry Kenneth Gates, 2005

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