Dylan's Dark Eyes meets Clapton's Layla

Demo version1


The gentlemen are walking
The moon is rising by the riverside
They're drinking up and talking
It is time for me to slide.
I live in another world,
Where life and death are recognized
Where the earth is strewn with lover's pearls
All I see are dark eyes.

A cock is crowing far away
to a cold, lost soldier deep in prayer
A mother's child has gone astray,
She can't find him anywhere.
I can hear another drum
Beaten by the dead that rise
While nature's beast heals down, ta-dum!
All I see are dark eyes.

They tell me to be discreet
With words that carry their own lies
They tell me revenge is sweet
A syrup that sure satisfies!
I must rise above their game
And push all measures to resize
In my heart are heat and flame
All I see are dark eyes.

A young girl's lost in paradise
A drunken man is at the wheel
Hunger pays a heavy price
To falling gods of speed and steel
Time is short and the days are sweet
And passion rules the arrow that flies.
A fallen wall is now a street,
All I see are dark eyes.

The fading sun gives way to night
As color deepens into past
A bear dancing is given sight
A treasured gift that's sure to last
Dylan's song is born again
The radif begging to ghazalize
Clapton's love is not in vain
All I see are dark eyes.

Question part (to be read here, not sung)

  1. Who is the author of this song? It's not clear to me. Bold words are by Larry Kenneth Gates, editing Dylan's original lyrics found by googling. Larry asserts copyright of the mods bold words. He intends to honor the copyright of the original lyrics by Mr. Dylan. He declares he has no idea what that looks like, and does not know who is the 'author'.
  2. In the name of what does Larry modify Dylan's work? Perhaps …
  3. What turmoil can lawyers stir up over this? Unknown.
  4. send any more to [mailto:kalimgates@gmail.com?subject=Dark%20Eyes]

Covers of original Dylan words

  1. Dirty Projectors, they get the two part contrast
  2. Judy Collins, the first version I heard, that grabbed me. Her voice is two sweet, little emotional coloring. Images focus on 'darkened eyes', rather than 'dark-eyed maiden'.
  3. Dylan - Patti Smith duet poor-quality live recording
  4. Patti Smith talks about choosing and sing 'Dark Eyes' on tour with Dylan
  5. Patti Smith solo, almost a capella. I prefer the other version, with the dreamy male voice on the second halves.
  6. Kaitlin Rose
  7. Iron & Wine, beat drives song, overwhelms words. artist Samuel Beam.
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