A Sequence of Firesides - I

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Part I – Supplication

I’d like to hold a fireside
But I haven’t, I’ve let it slide.
Maybe there’s a good reason
To put it off to another season.
Or a better home to host the meeting
A classy place, with lots of seating.

I’d like to hold them every Thursday
But it’s hard to do, I’m often away.
And then I’d have to find a speaker
Who can impress and satisfy any seeker.
Then how could I open up my home
To any stranger who happens to roam
From who knows where and with what intention?
Ah, and I do need mention
That my spouse is quite opposed to this arrangement.
I must avoid estrangement
It’s well known that unity
Is more important than activity.

Still, I long to hold a fireside
This empty place I can no longer abide.
If the Guardian should ask each month for one
There must be a way to get this done.
Maybe it’s not beyond our means
Or as difficult as it seems.

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