A Sequence of Firesides - II - Narration (1)

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Call to mind a fateful night1
When a young merchant should invite
A wandering scholar to his home
To rest and refresh from his roam
And receive him with such hospitality
To cheer the heart; in reality
To give a glimpse of paradise
In simple acts of kindness, in no wise
Ostentatious or extreme,
A cup of tea, a chance to clean
The weary traveler’s hands and feet.
Simple acts, but oh the heat
Of love begins to warm the heart
This indeed is an auspicious start.

The guest, of course, at this fireside
Is Mulla Husayn2, one whose pride
Almost blinds him to what he sought
An answer to: ‘What hath God wrought?’
He has scaled the heights of learning
But none of it will quell his yearning.

The host, the Bab3, we now anoint
As the Promised One, the Primal Point
But this night, all is hidden
To be revealed only as bidden
By the seeker’s heart, and what he asks
Of the one in whose love he basks.

They had met in the outskirts, by seeming chance
As Mulla Husayn took a first glance
At the city of Shiraz4, which has drawn his heart.
He has just arrived, this is the start
Of a search for the expected Qa’im5
Who will make all things new, the world redeem.

The Bab, a simple merchant, is unlearned
Yet his honor and piety have earned
Him the esteem of neighbor and friend
Yet none would guess He would transcend
The confines of a humble shop in a little town
And in six short years reach world renown.

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