A Sequence of Firesides - II - Narration (2)

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Mulla Husayn walks in the late afternoon
His soul is restless, he longs importune
That God guide his steps, ever near
When a radiant Youth, his countenance clear
Should greet him as a life-long friend
And offer, insist, to his needs attend.

Perhaps a disciple of Siyyid Kazim1
Learned of his journey and welcomes him,
Thinks Mulla Husayn. He prays
To be excused, he already stays
With companions, he must return
Fulfill his promise, cause them no concern.

The Bab says: Commit them to God’s care
And again offering to share
The comforts of His home, renews the invitation
His gait and voice increase the admiration
In Mulla Husayn at this meeting unexpected,
Whose full import is as yet unsuspected.

Together they reach a modest dwelling
‘Enter therein in peace, secure’2 were the compelling
Words of welcome, uttered with power and majesty
The guest’s heart fills with joy. The courtesy,
The tender care, the extreme kindness
Of the Host, cannot fail but to impress.

And so the Bab has set the stage
To open the first heart of this new age
Does he then expound at length
And overwhelm His guest with strength
Of argument and exposition?
No, he prepares to listen.

To listen, to his guest’s reply
To a simple question: Why?
Why have you begun a quest?
Why have you thought it best
To leave all behind and roam
What do you seek in this home?

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