A Sequence of Firesides - II - Narration (3)

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In answer young Mulla Husayn
Sought in simple terms to explain
The result of long study and erudition
To the lowly merchant, by what conditions
The Promised One be recognized
When he reveals Himself to mortal eyes.

The Bab has listened with attention,
With patience and comprehension
To Mulla Husayn’s requirements
Now He presents the evidence
With power only He can foresee,
‘Behold, all these signs are manifest in Me!’

The Bab leaves nothing to be guessed
The seeker’s heart is doubly blessed
The tender care, the loving patience
Is increased as He presents
A claim, at once bold and clear
Will the scholar have an ear to hear?

The ear has heard so much pretense
The heart can yearn, yet mount a defense
Of a home meant to be sanctified
By the Divine descent, and glorified.
Will the seeker’s heart respond
To the Divine Daystar just dawned?

First the mind will interpose:
The Promised One is He who knows
All things, with a knowledge vast,
Innate, embracing both first and last…
His Person holy, the fairest flower
His Cause is just, of utmost power…

The seeker is seized with fear and remorse
He resolves to change his course,
Alter his attitude and soften his tone
Humility becomes him now, here alone
Before the object of his quest
A burning question in his breast.

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