A Sequence of Firesides - II - Narration (4)

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A question the Bab chooses to satisfy
In terms both clear and fresh, that defy
The logic of acquired learning
The veils removed, the light is turning
From dawn’s first blush to morning’s glow
The life-giving waters ready, eager, to flow.

If the seeker’s heart will but receive
If his mind will only believe
The proffered words will attain their object
The longing heart will become the subject
Of the Source of Power and guidance
And tread the path of love and obedience.

Yes, yes he strongly voices
His eyes behold, his heart rejoices
The danger past
He’s home at last
This Husayn has found his heart’s desire
His spirit ablaze, his soul on fire

Two hours and eleven minutes have past
Since the brilliant sun has shown its last
“This night, this very hour will, in days
to come” call the faithful to thanks and praise.
In every land, in every town, His glory will resound,
In every breast, in every heart, His love already abounds.

Transported, Mulla Husayn rises to depart
To join his friends and impart
The joyful news: The trumpet blast,
The Lord of Hosts, with troops amassed
Has come! Let us raise the call,
Let us bring the glad tidings to all

That dwell on earth! But wait,
Cautions the Bab, do not leave in such a state
That anyone would surely find
A youth who has lost his mind,
But rather stay and listen to the Word
Let thy heart by cheered, thy soul assured,

Then go forth, but at first refrain
From disclosing your new love. Let it remain
Concealed, yet burning brightly so as to attract
Other hearts. But let not an excess of words distract
Them from their own search. I bid you return
Time and again, so as to learn

All that you will need to know.
Come again, and be infused with so1
Deep a longing, as to be impelled
To arise independently, and so propelled
To quicken other souls, far and wide
In a word, to host a fireside.

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