A Sequence of Firesides - III - Exposition (1)

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While the manner and style are quite elective
The fireside principle is the most effective1
Teaching method in the world
The fastest way, the banners to unfurl
So that all that dwell on earth may enroll
And unite the hearts towards a common goal.

If the fireside method is most effective
Then other methods can be productive
It is not the only way to teach2
But let us study the fireside and reach
An understanding of how to employ it
To use its strengths and enjoy it.

Let us first put our reliance
On the Guardian’s3 letters, and his guidance
Let us seek there what he has said
Of the fireside method, by which we are lead
As individuals, in our own homes, to teach4
And another victory for the Faith to reach.

A foundation of the fireside is hospitality5
Loving service, friendship and congeniality.
‘Bahá’í hospitality’ is the phrase that’s used. Why?
What is it that makes hospitality Bahá’í?

Perhaps6 the Kitab-i-Aqdas offers a clue
When a feast is enjoined, though means be few.
Even if only water is served
Yet the purpose of binding hearts is preserved.7

Hospitality is worldly hands
Is often excessive, so to demand
Recognition of the host’s wealth and power
In such a home, can love truly flower?

Mulla Husayn’s own testimony
Of the excellence of the Bab’s hospitality
Is that it alone His greatness proved
Such loving-kindness no one could improve.8

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