A Sequence of Firesides - III - Exposition (2)

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Yet, the Shah’s table held a kingly repast,
It abundance and opulence unsurpassed
By whatever food the Bab did share.
It’s the host’s manner that’s beyond compare.

Purity of spirit and love is thus the key
To showing Bahá’í hospitality,
‘Close association and loving service affects the hearts’1
The Holy Spirit will enter if we do our parts.

If this be the intent, then results will flow2
There is no hurry3, let confidence grow
Until your new friends find the trust4
To ask all the questions that they must.

Intimate, personal questions that burden the mind5
And spur the soul to seek the signs
Of a Divine response, certain and true
What would God have me do?

The answer cannot be our own opinion
This would trespass on God’s dominion
Ours is to share in their pure form6
Those Holy Writings that will inform
The seeker to make his own connection
With the Source of Divine direction.

Penetrating power utterance must possess7
The spirit pure, ready to acquiesce,
Likewise it needeth moderation
Otherwise it would cause opposition,
Moderation can be achieved by our words spoken
And blended with the Divine tokens
Of wisdom recorded in the Holy Word
Thus is the power to teach conferred.

Such powerful words are perhaps best confined
To a precious few, which when combined
With the spirit of loving service, so manifest,
Will attract the heart of the guest
‘Some phase of the Faith is mentioned and discussed’8,
Not necessarily all of them, but just
Those both timely and suited to the capacity9
Of those enjoying your hospitality.

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