A Sequence of Firesides - III - Exposition (6)

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To seize the day and make our mark,
To share and nurture this holy spark,
And fan it into a consuming flame
Burning away the dross of self and shame
The fiery forge of a new race of men
Whose glorious destiny is beyond our ken.

Thus did the Primal Point show the way
At the very dawn of this New Day,
So has the Blessed Beauty raised His call
Let us respond, one and all,
And follow the footsteps of the Servant of Glory
With wisdom and tact, add to the story
That the priceless pearl, entrusted to our care
Did guide and chronicle, so to prepare
For a tottering civilization, a last refuge.
How can such a call be refused?

Let us add our puny measure
To a precious and growing treasure
The time is now to consider with care
How best this Divine Message to share
Whatever other method we should choose
Let the most effective one be also used
Let us endeavor the souls to guide
As we host our fireside.

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