A Sequence of Firesides - IV- Supplication

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I am so happy to hear this explanation
Of an exemplary story and exposition
Of the fireside principle which seems designed
To cheer my heart and guide my mind
To effectively share what’s become my longing
A message of unity, of fellowship and belonging

I have many neighbors and friends to invite
And associates when the occasion is right
Besides if I don’t offer my invitation
They might end up watching television
Some for dinner, some for coffee and cake
The hunger to satisfy, the thirst to slake.
Most everyone is starved for friendship true
This I can offer, and if accepted pursue.
The thirst for knowledge of God is intense
I can answer some questions, and give a sense
Of the wonder and vastness of this Revelation
And follow the example of that first Declaration.

This is a method I can embrace
Attracting divine assistance and God’s grace.
So simple, so enjoyable, so productive of results
In eager anticipation my heart exults
I will no longer let it slide
I will host a fireside…

A Sequence of Firesides.

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