Glorious Light Of Unity
The Glorious Light of Unity Spoken Word version (Larry Gates, voice)
© Larry Kenneth Gates, 2008 Demo version (Larry Gates, voice, Larry Robinson, Persian sitar)
footnoted version

The glorious light of unity
The earth beholds its gleam
Through toil and strife it’s guiding us
The whole world to redeem

Texts of old would beat the sword
To plow and hook and loom
Yet spears remain to jab the heart
When will the garden bloom?

We hold these truths self-evident
All men, by God are free
We people make just government
Just who is in this we?

All flowers of one garden
All waves of just one sea
Yet tribes will kill and rape and loot
All fruits of just one tree.

Slave masters fight at Chancellorsville
This precious light to veil
Though proud in May by mid July
Their boys could only wail.

The Exile's taken farther still
A new day's dawn He's brought
From garden to the distant cell
His chains have all been wrought.

When will the light of early dawn
This last best hope reveal,
Bind up at last our broken wings
And set old wounds to heal?

Americas both North and South
Must make your causes just,
Opressors crush with heavenly rod,
Raise up the fallen dust.

A man once said: 'I have a dream',
Another shot him dead.
Whose children will remember him
When no more blood is shed?

O Sun that rises in the east
Can you this gleam increase?
Make justice save and serve the meek,
And war and discord cease?

O glorious light of unity
The earth beholds your gleam
Send forth from Zion your behest
The whole world to redeem.

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