Jason's Heart

As performed at the Saturday gathering, 13 June 2009, preparing for the wedding ceremony of Jason Ighani and Parisa Fitz-Henley, held the following day:

At the age of twenty-nine
I am starting to define
What a heart in love can do
I had never had before
Such a glimpse of heaven's door1
O heart, how I love you

Such a high I'd never seen
Must be that dopamine
Running wild inside my head
It will not be satisfied
Til I have you by my side
And together, we can wed2
All these feelings bustin' out
Make me want to sing and shout
O heart, how I love you

How can a lovely3 worm
Who can just crawl and squirm
Suddenly, take off and fly?
How can the raging beast
Sit and behave at Feast?
Women, what do you do?
You arouse and subdue
Straighten the arrow true
O heart, how I love you.

At the age of fifty-nine4
I'm still seeking to refine
What a heart in love can do
I've been seeing more and more
Of that glimpse of heaven's door,
O heart, how I love you.
O heart, how I love you…
O heart, how I love you…..

(c) Larry Kenneth Gates, 2009
Lyrics by Larry Gates
Production by Safa Paulson
Tune by Anna Kaiper
Verses sung by Talia Johnson, Safa Paulson, Anna Kaiper (Jason's cousin), Handel Fitz-Henley (Parisa's uncle)

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