A Martyr’s Reward

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I found Baha, the desire of my heart
Through a halting search, in a world confused
Clearly I knew nothing, at the very start
Not how to search, or where, what criteria to use.

But He is proof unto Himself, how could I refuse?
See me here, Baha, my heart is yours, take my life too.
Let me follow Husayn and Keith, Tahirih and Quddus.
And win the martyr’s crown, this I long to do.

Your sacrifice is mine, says Baha, but I have other plans for you
You shall be tested and suffer in a mental way
With searing doubts, which only love can undo
And treading the path of service, day by day, every day.

Still, I long for a martyr’s reward
But, O Baha, let my will with Thine accord.

— Asma' 157 B.E.

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