The GLU is a three person singing group formed for the performance of The Glorious Light of Unity at the 50 Artists celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights held 8:00pm Friday 7 November at Horizons School Theater.

The singers are:

  1. Allegra Midgette
  2. Jalieh Milani
  3. Larry Gates

(They can sing, but need coaching, and perhaps help in harmony)

The band is:

  1. a gleam in Larry's eye.

(The melody of the 'The Glorious Light of Unity' is basically a shower tune from non-musician Larry. We'd welcome serious treatment. We're prepared to go acapella, but if somebody could compose and arrange an instrumental accompaniment, we love to be able to seek out musicians to perform it.)

(We'd love to have a producer/stage manager to let us know what to expect at a performance and/or manage us there.)

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