We Will Be There (in Atlanta)
(c) Larry Kenneth Gates, 2008 (lyrics)1 Acapella demo2 footnoted version

At this midpoint of the Five Year Plan
The House calls a pause. (Ya Baha!)
It is time to gather and reflect
Our future in this Cause.

When the troops are called to teach and serve
We will be there (in Atlanta)3
Marching onward, in the love of God
We will be there.

The old world order keeps on tumbling down
It is tott'ring? (Ya Baha!)
Matter and spirit must walk hand in hand
For us to be free.

The system’s power, let us ponder well
Four activities. (Ya Baha!)
We’ll teach and learn, undistracted, firm
Constant and sincere.

Befriending high and low alike
Beyond all barriers.(Ya Baha!)
Binding hearts, in the love of God,
Our mission recognized.

Forty and one gatherings ‘round the world
Baku to Dallas.(Ya Baha!)
December sixth, World Congress Center
Downtown Atlanta.

(Note: one way to sing it for a soloist to sing the verses, and the group to interject the (O Ya Baha), then the group sing the chorus, and the soloist interject the (In …..)


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